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Denmark in the international fight against fossil fuels and fracking

We are well aware in Denmark that the struggle against fracking and fossil fuels is an international struggle, even though it is being waged on local and national levels across the world.  We stand together with other people fighting against fossil fuel extraction and fracking in the UK, US, France, Bulgaria, Poland, the rest of Europe and the world.  We see fracking as just one of many extreme energy projects, such as the tar sands in Canada and brown coal in Germany which are being pushed by big fossil fuel companies, and that this is all the same struggle.   We send greetings to all people fighting against these destructive projects.

Currently in Denmark there is no fracking happening, but Total Energy (from France) has almost all the permits to drill test wells in northern Denmark, and have planned to start drilling in November 2012.  Resistance to fracking is growing by the day as people learn about what a bad idea it is, and there is much talk about it in the national and local media in the area where the drilling is permitted.  We are currently putting our efforts into stopping the test drilling on the local level, as there are still some final permits left to be approved, and then pushing for a national ban once we have stopped the test drilling project in its tracks.  Currently, the local municipality where the first test drilling might occur has decided to do a full environmental impact review, under pressure from local activists and environmental groups, including members of SkifergasNejTak.  this process will take 6 months to a year, and has put Total way behind schedule.  With this first victory under our belts, we move forward with agitating for a national ban of shale gas and fracking in Denmark.

Denmark tries to paint itself as a ‘environmentally progressive’ country, and has public plans to be fossil fuel free by 2050.  However, this hasn’t stopped plans to sell polluting fossil fuels from the north sea and fracking to other countries.  It seems ridiculous to get rid of fossil fuels at home, while continuing to produce it and sell it abroad.  We want Denmark (and all countries and corporations) to leave the fossil fuels in the ground!

Organizing around this in Denmark is on a local and national level, though we try to keep in touch with people involved in similar struggles in other countries. Give us a shout at info (silly-a) .


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