Rumænien: Over 7.000 på gaden mod skifergas

Artikel fra Rumænien om gårdsdagens massive protester mod skifergasboringer. Læs og spred!

Barlad, Vaslui, Rumænien

'Chevron go home!'

Over 7,000 people protested in Barlad against shale gas exploitation. 'Chevron go home!'. The protesters are reproaching the Prime minister Ponta as when he was in opposition, was against the exploitation of shale gas but after winning parliamentary elections turned in favor of Chevron and other companies. When in opposition, the USL coalition voiced against shale gas, culminating with the introduction of the issue in the text censure motion submitted against the Government of Mihai Razvan Ungureanu (Liberal Democrats). On January 5th, on Antena 3 Tv Channel, the Prime Minister Ponta claimed that "The idea of ??shale gas is to be treated seriously positive". "I know I will not be too popular by these statements, but we need to think that Romania still pays the highest price for gas compared to Poland and not to forget about United States that became gas exporters due to shale gas exploitation. And we speak in the first stage shale gas about exploration rather than exploitation" said Victor Ponta.

Since the beginning of this year, Chevron Company has received three certificates from Vaslui County Council for exploration works in the county, in order to exploit shale gas.

Massiv mobilisering

The march, was organized by the Civil Society Initiative Group Barlad (GISC), and gathered representatives of Barlad city and surrounding parishes, environmental activists, representatives of the gallery FC Vaslui, but also citizens who are against the exploitation of shale gas fracturing method hydraulic from other cities in country licensed for shale gas works: Galati, Iasi, Constanta, Buzau, Bihor, Timisoara, Vrancea and Bucharest. A supporting meeting was also organized in Bucharest by the environmental organizations who continually protest in University Square. It is the fourth large meeting in Barlad, as similar events took place last year in Barlad three times.

On its website, GISCCB informs that last year "for over one month" they were traveling through villages and towns in the county conducting outreach activities in churches and community centers, aimed to inform and aware local citizens.

"Chevron GO HOME", 'Do not destroy our future', 'Chevron is the worst American dream. Citizens, wake up! ', or 'Barladeni save the future of your children!' are just some of the messages displayed by protesters marching in the Barlad streets in anthem, 'Wake up, Romanian! ".

"How can they give green light to shale gas exploitation, as far as there is no legislation in place for that? Barlad Citizens, we appeal to you all, to participate in as many of the actions we perform, including the protest march today. It's about our future and the generations to come. We need to get out as many on the street! Let's take the example of Bulgarian neighbors, who achieved what they wanted"said Ovidiu Tiron, member of GISC Barlad, quoted by Vaslui journal.

Walking between garment factory and the Civic Square in Barlad, protesters stopped in front of the City Hall, where they read a proclamation against the exploitation of shale gas.

"By this protest, we request to be consulted, as civil society, on the subject so important such as exploration and exploitation of shale gas through hydraulic fracturing method. Since we informed, studied cases and had consultations with experts in the field, things are seriously bad. As far, the documentaries that we presented in various public meetings were not challenged. That is why we can not accept to become victims of the Chevron, which are so determined to begin work. And they are confident because they have support from those who represent us, from the highest Govern level to local authorities" proclaimed the leader of GISC Bârlad, Neculai Rotaru.

Ingen miljøhensyn i lovgivningen

Five new licenses were granted in December 4th, and published in the Official Gazette on December 12 (see: "Monitorul Oficial no 838 din 12 Decembrie 2012"), while the shale gas exploration-exploitation was still under moratorium, according to the public commitment of the Prime Minister's Victor Ponta.

Just like all the other agreements, those five are under Oil Law no. 238/ 2004, that does not distinguish between conventional or unconventional resources. Like in the Chevron perimeters case, it was the East-West Petroleum Corp., that had announced on its webpage their interest on shale gas. In Bihor County, there was a public protest meeting attended by NGOs, green activists, and citisens from different cities in the County on February 9. Three small towns Local Councils have taken decisions in Vaslui County and one in Timis, against any use of hydraulic fracturing on their land area. Others are in preparation.

Unfortunately despite the large participation the media coverage was almost absent in Romanian TV Channels.
Here is one of the few channels that informed in real time.


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